AMA why? New Beast upcoming on Apps phone market-Hello to Crypto Chat Era!

Alex ReDev
Dec 7, 2017

CHAT without borders

If you know Whatsapp,Viber,or any others? Forget about ,they not going to much trending anymore,because its New Era CryptoChatEra upcoming in that tide tough business,that would be disrupt whole industry in nearest future! Telegram and E-chat grow as a crazy and extruding all previously short run champions…

Why is that happen???Look and judge by yourself,new technology’s ,new concepts of the businesses,new trending ,new preferences of the crowd,new way to Connect,Share and Earn while You using newest technologies and many ,many more…

Look at this ,may be I’m wrong?

*Built-in payment system for contactless NFC and QR payments;

*Money transfers and cryptocurrencies in private messages, conversion of all cryptocurrencies;

*Voice/ video calls, chats, and channels;

*Discrete individual/group chats with 100% privacy;

*Stream with photo and video content;

*Security including end-to-end encryption, fingerprint input, face recognition, and private key storage for crypto-wallets;

*Paid channels for bloggers and publishers;

*Changing the appearance for video calls and online broadcasts based on neural networks;

*Streaming to the news feed; and more…

Avoiding,Ignorance,Skepticism and anything like that Please leave for the past…

Internet nobody had been taking seriously , what about now? I’m personally cannot even imagine -

how did I live before?

Personal computers,Cellular phone,Ipad, and everything suddenly upcoming into our lives and become

so much attachable and useful ,we recognize cannot live without those gadgets anymore!

I guess that enough to talk- just take a look by signing up,EARN and Use E-chat!

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