Ask me anything on Crypto investing/trading/education. Bitcoin, Blockchain, ICOs, altcoins, Ethereum, astounding returns and all other things that you may have heard about cryptocurrencies will be explained.

Aziz Zainuddin
Nov 8, 2017

I'm a cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast with a passion in evangelizing Crypto adoption and usage. I'm the Founder and Chief Editor of Master the Crypto (https://masterthecrypto.com/), a knowledge hub with the purpose of simplifying crypto/blockchain concepts and investments, riding on my finance background. I'm also a contributor Forbes Middle East and Futurism in the space.

With the technical complexities of the Cryptocurrency industry a major hurdle to the masses, MTC aims to bridge the gap by featuring articles that are broken down and easy-to-understand for many. From comprehensive guides in Crypto investing to a general overview of key technical concepts, MTC provides a wide range of content for those interested in familiarizing themselves with Cryptos.

MTC also offers supplementary learning tools to better educate our readers, through offering a free fundamental analysis checklist in the form of an eBook. A free 3-part video series has also been launched, covering the basics of Crypto investing that includes an overview of Blockchain technology, the importance of fundamental investment analysis of different Coins, as well as an introduction to technical analysis - or the study of price charts and movements - specifically geared towards the Crypto market.

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