My name is Cayes Delpeche and my team and I are building a Quantum Secure Blockchain AMA

Dec 6, 2017

Hello to all, Idea by Design is a startup team building a Quantum Secure Blockchain, called Neunio, using post quantum cryptography. As we are currently developing this blockchain we are conducting an ICO to raise funds. The funds will be used to help us accelerate the development of Phase One of this project.

Phase 1: Exposure 

Most people still don’t know what blockchain is or what cryptocurrency is so we plan on creating a hybrid application that uses elements from the traditional way of creating applications and elements of the blockchain industry.

The first application we will be building is an AI platform, Neunet, that will intelligently match employment opportunities with talent. This platform will be created using unbiased algorithms allowing for women and other minority groups to have a fair and equal opportunity in the hiring process. This platform will help these groups and companies alike. There is nothing about this platform that uses blockchain. Now what is going to be a difference maker outside of the unbiased algorithms is the use of our natively built cryptocurrency token, Neunio. Users will use Neunios to for their membership onto the platform and to use features like applying to a job or contacting a top candidate. 

The first application to utilize the Neunio blockchain will be blockchain based system to transport sensitive data between employers and employees. As talent use Neunet to find employment opportunities, the next step that is required of them is to accept the offer and, upon doing so, providing the employer their Personable Identifiable Information (PII) such as their social security, driver’s license, bank account information, etc. quantum secured method of sending personable identifiable information to employers which will help companies and people become accustomed to the benefits of blockchain as they use it in this manner. This will help keep employees and employer databases more secure and private and will give ownership of data to the individual at the same time. Employers don't have to handle their own servers, staff, or pay vendors to host this information. Our blockchain will be dedicated to protecting this sensitive information. 

Phase 2: Build the community

The Neunio Blockchain will be used to transfer and exchange a multitude of transactions and does so using PQC. It is with this that we want to create an environment in which applications are built that require higher levels of security. The next phase for our project will be creating an environment where anyone who understands how to create an app or a website will be able to create an application utilizing our blockchain. Fittingly so we will create an “App Store” for our community to launch their applications and to engage with users. Similarly, like the app store once a user is logged into the blockchain they simply just have to download the application and they can use it without having to create an account as they are already signed onto the network and use their identity wallet for the application. Neunios will be used to do work on the blockchain and will be utility token for the Neunet application and for the identity management system.

Applications can be anything from and not limited to identity records, medical records, banking and finance transactions, anything that revolves sharing the identity or other sensitive information of a person with another party can be used on this blockchain. Security would be guaranteed not just by the technology of blockchain but also with quantum key cryptography used.

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