We were developing a mobile MMO RPG for 3 years, created a great game, and raised 112.000 dollars in cryptocurrency in just 5 days on an ICO. Ask me anything!

Ilya Mikov
Aug 29, 2017

Active Games is an indie game development studio based in Perm, Russia. In the summer of 2014, we started development of the next great mobile MMORPG called Lordmancer II. Last year, we received a funding round from an american gaming accelerator, but it wasn't enough. Although the game was in beta testing already, we as the studio were on the edge.

And then we heard about this whole ICO thing. We invented a way for a crypto currency to be super useful in our game, announced a pre-ICO, and here we are, with 112.000 dollars to continue development and to do marketing for the ICO proper. lordmancer2.io 

I promise to honestly answer all of your questions regarding indie game development, trade and cryptocurrency in MMORPGs, funding and ICOs, publisher relations and why it's so hard for an indie studio to reach the market, life in Russia and everything else you can possible come up with! Don't miss this AMA.

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